Barrett, Francis John 14.mar.1851-8.may.1922 USA New York, Pound Ridge - New York Brooklyn
organist, member of the Knights Templar Freemasonry, 1871 organist of Kent Avenue Reformed Church Brooklyn, 27.jan.1890 musical director at the ball of the Kismett Temple Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of the Oasis of Brooklyn at the Academy of Music in Brooklyn, 31.jan.1894 musical director at the Palestine Commandery no.18 Knights Templar reception at Madison Square Garden, 1897 residing at 584 Greene Avenue Brooklyn, 1900-1913 organist in Brooklyn, 1907 residing at 98 Sixth Avenue, 1909-1913 residing at 200 Saint John's Place, 1916-1920 organist and choirmaster of the Strong Place Baptist Church in Brooklyn ; son of Henry Barrett (NY Ulster 2.may.1825-10.mar.1907 Sing Sing) and Eliza T McEnnelly (Poundridge 1826-8.may.1894 Ossining) ; 1876 he married Louise Peer (New York may.1853-) ; daughter Lucille Peer Barrett (Brooklyn nov.1884-)

Title Parts

[] All for the want of a beau. Voice and piano
pub Fairchild & Dwyer, New York 1870

[] Good morning galop. Piano
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston 1871

[] Holiday galop. Piano. op9
pub A. G. Slade & Co., Brooklyn 1871

[] Hark! what mean those holy voices. 4vv Choir and piano
pub George Molineux, New York Brooklyn 1879

[] Kyrie eleison I, II and III and Gloria Patri in D
pub George Molineux, New York 1882

[] Te Deum in B flat. Chant
pub George Molineux, New York 1882

[] Deus misereatur in E flat
pub George Molineux New York 1883

[] Jubilate Deo in B flat
pub George Molineux, New York 1883

[] Holy! Holy! Lord God almighty
pub George Molineux, New York 1885

[] Callest Thou thus o master
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York

[] The Lord is my salvation
pub William A. Pond & Co., New York

[] In heavenly love abiding
pub Theodore Presser, Philadelphia

[] Gloria in excelsis. Male voices
published by the Knights Templar, Brooklyn New York

the following compositions were all published by George Molineux, New York Brooklyn
[] Abendlied. Organ
[] Abide with me. Male voices
[] Alla marcia and Mendelssohn, War march of the priests. Organ
[] All hail to the morning (Russian national hymn). I was glad when they said unto me. The Lord is my shepherd. Male voices
[] Am I a soldier of the cross (Processional). Male voices
[] Angels roll the rock away
[] Behold how good and how pleasant it is. ST
[] Blessed be the Lord God of Israel (Benedictus)
[] Bonum est in F
[] Bread of the world (Communion hymn)
[] Brightly gleams our banner. Male voices
[] Cantate Domino
[] Christ the Lord is risen today
[] Christ our passover. Anthem
[] Come Holy Spirit. Solo and chorus
[] The day is gently sinking. Solo and quartett
[] Deus misereatur in E flat
[] Gloria Patri Festival
[] Good night. Mixed voices
[] Guide me O Thou great Jehovah. Solo and quartette
[] Hail! hail to Thee, O noble king (Wagner) (The King). Male voices - All glory, laud and honor (Schumann)
- Thy sway, O truth etc. (Red Cross)
- Fairest grace our souls inherit (Truth)
[] Hail, Thou once despised Jesus. Male voices
[] Hail to Thee our risen King
[] Hark! the herald angels sing
[] Hark! what mean those holy voices
[] Holy Lord God almighty
[] How long wilt Thou forget me, O Lord. Solo and chorus
[] In dreams I heard the seraphs fair. Anthem
[] In the gross of Christ (J. Glory). Male voices
[] Jesus Christ is risen today. Anthem
[] Jesus lives. Easter anthem
[] Jesus lover of my soul. SA
[] Jubilate Deo in B flat
[] Kyrie (responses to the commandments). Male voices
[] Lead kindly light. Male voices
[] The Lord's prayer. Male voices
[] Love divine. Quartet or chorus
[] Magnificat (My soul doth magnify the Lord). Male voices
[] Three spirits of power and might behold! Masonic. Male voices - O welcome, brothers to our band
- Hymns
- Dangers of every form attend
[] Meditation. Organ
[] Morning breaks upon the tomb. Anthem
[] My saviour be Thou near me. Duett and quartett
[] Nearer my God to Thee. Solo and quartette
[] Nocturne. Organ
[] Now the day is over. Male voices
[] O, blessed stars
[] O! list a rich, exultant strain
[] Once in royal David's city
[] One sweetly solemn thought. Quartet or chorus
[] Onward, Christian soldiers (Processional hymn). Male voices
[] Our Father in heaven (the Lord's prayer). Male voices
[] Remember now thy Creator. Male voices
[] Responses, Obligation, Light and Gloria tibi, Man that is born of a woman. Male voices
[] Responses, Sentences, Kyrie and Gloria Patria, I know that my redeemer liveth, Christ, the Lord, is risen today. Male voices
[] Six Responses
[] Rest, spirit, rest (Funeral hymn). Male voices
[] Rock of ages. Solo and quartette
[] Seek ye the Lord. Solo and chorus
[] Show me Thy ways O Lord. Solo and choir
[] Softly now the light of day. Male voice
[] The son of man goes forth to war. Male voices
[] Song of welcome, suitable for anniversaries. Mixed voices
[] Still, still with Thee. Quartet or chorus
[] Supplement to the Order of the Red Cross. Male voices
[] Sweet is Thy mercy, Lord. Quartet or choir
[] Tarry with me, O my Saviour
[] There is a blessed home
[] There's a wideness in God's mercy. Quartet or chorus
[] Trough the night of doubt and sorrow. Male voices
[] Thus He showed me. Male voices
[] To Thee my God and Saviour. Solo and quartette
[] Trust in God, and response. Male voices
[] When I survey the wondrous cross (Knights Templar). Male voices
[] When silence falleth over all. Mixed voices
[] When through the torn sail. Quartet or chorus
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