Barrett Thomas, Nancy 'Nan' Marion (fem) 21.may.1948- USA Massachusetts, Framingham
1963-1995 residing in Marlborough Massachusetts, 1966 graduate of Marlborough High School, 1966-1976 studied with Gardner Read and Hugo Norden at Boston University, with Michael Hennagin at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, 1983-1986 at Columbia University in New York, 1972-1975 teacher theory at the National Center for Afro-American Artists in Boston, 1978 founder/manager of the New England Women's Symphony in Boston

Title Parts

[] Refractions. Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano. 1969
[] Perpetuum mobile. Flute, bassoon, viola and cello. 1969
[] From the land of the caribou. Soprano, female choir, percussion and marimba. 1975
[] Sonata. Viola and piano. 1976
[] Songs to a handsome woman. Soprano, female choir and piano. 1977
[] Live your life. 1977
words David Thomas (1941-)

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