Barreuther, Harry Joseph 19.mar.1888-10.mar.1968 USA Connecticut, Winsted - Winsted
organist, choirmaster, 1907-1921 piano teacher at his parents home 748 Main Street Winsted, 1910-1917 organist of St Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Winchester, 1930-1932 residing at 247 Main Street Winsted, 1933-1962 teacher voice, piano and organ at 159 Pratt Street Winsted, 1934-1955 organist and at some time concert organist at Capitol Theatre in Miami, 1942-1958 salesman for Hartford Piano Co. 9 Hayneo Street Hartford Connecticut, 1965 retired aged 77 ; son of restaurant owner John H Barreuther (Winchester nov.1863-1927 Winsted) and Mary M Bracken (Winchester apr.1863-1910 Winsted) ; c1918 he married Maybelle 'Mabel' H Lucas (Michigan 1891-1966 Winsted)

Title Parts

[] Men of Yale. March and two step. Baseball song
words Joseph MacCarthy
pub Chas. H. Loomis, New Haven 1909

[] If you had a heart like mine
words Billy Bond
pub Highland Music Publishing Co., Winsted 1914

[] Misty moon. Song
[] Little boy blue. Song
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