Barroll, Edward Charles 13.feb.1881-13.nov.1933 USA Missouri, Farmington - Farmington
saxophonist, 1910-1930 owner of an advertising company at Howard Building 19 Pine Street in St Louis Missouri, 1920 working for Gardner Advertising Co. in St Louis, 1917 professional saxophonist of the Streckfus Steamboat Line of St Louis, organized his own orchestra in Chautauqua, 1930 organized the all women Ozark Saxophone Choir in Farmington, he was member of the Farmington Presbyterian Church and the Masonic Lodge ; son of musician and Civil War soldier/drummer of the Missouri Infantry Charles Edward Barroll (Indiana, Rushville 7.apr.1844-21.jan.1899 Farmington) and Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Caruthers (1850-1936 Farmington) who married 12.feb.1868 in Madison ; 30.jun.1909 in Farmington he married Pearl Margaret O'Sullivan (Mo, Doe Run 25.jul.1890-15.mar.1948 Farmington), the marriage didn't last long : 27.apr.1910 living together at 181 C Street Farmington, that same year Edward was boarding at 3964 Washington Boulevard St Louis and shortly after they were divorced, 22.apr.1916 Pearl married Edward Truman Freeman (Oregon, Portland 13.sep.1883-) international agent for Armour & Co. Chicago

Title Parts

[] The piggly-wiggle. Saxophone quartet
pub Finder & Urbanek, Chicago 1922
New Century Saxophone Quartet. Michael Stephenson, James Boatman, Stephen Pollock, Brad Hubbard. Channel Crossings 5994

[] La Caress. Caprice. Alto saxophone
pub Finder & Urbanek, Chicago 1922

[] Laf 'n Sax. Saxophone quartet
pub Finder & Urbanek, Chicago 1923
Royal City Saxophone Quartet, Guelph Ontario. CBC Records 1160

[] Kitten scamper
pub Finder & Urbanek, Chicago 1924
Joseph Wytko Saxophone Quartet. Joseph Wytko, Jeffrey Anthony, Michael LaMonica, Kevin Gorman

[] Song of the sun. Ballad. Clarinet and piano
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1928

[] Snuggle time. Caprice. Saxophone and piano
pub Rubank, Chicago 1928

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