Barron, Edward Evelyn 9.sep.1862-2.sep.1953 England, London Pancras - Kent, Tunbridge Wells
solicitor by profession and armourer apparently as a serious second profession, 28.dec.1876 he signed an Indenture for the term of 7 years in which he obliged himself as apprentice to his father to learn the art of armouring, 1880 undergraduate student in law at Cambridge University where he seems to have graduated as Master of Arts in Law, 1890-1908 as solicitor and armourer residing with his father at 10 Endsleigh Street, Tavistock Square, 1909-1910 as solicitor and armourer residing at his own home 16 Morpeth Mansions in London Westminster, 1911-1913 as solicitor and armourer residing with wife, cook and parlour maid at 16 Morpeth Mansions, 1913-1939 residing with his wife and 2 servants at 13 Ashley Place in Westminster, at time of death residing with his wife at the Calverley Hotel in Tunbridge Wells ; son of solicitor/armourer Edward Jackson Barron (Pancras 25.sep.1826-23.mar.1918 Pancras) and Eliza Margaret Hunter (Pancras 28.dec.1828-1891 Pancras) ; 1908 at St George Hanover Square he married Frances Rea Draper (London St George 1870-)

Title Parts

[] Priere. Andante in D. Organ
music E. Evelyn Barron, M.A.
in The Organist's Quarterly Journal 1896

[] Evelyn. Wassail. SATB
music E. Barron - ? Evelyn Barron (1862-1953)
pub Novello & Co., London (catalog 1905)

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