Barrow, Robert George 9.jul.1911-20.oct.1987 USA, Washington DC - Pennsylvania, Bensalem
organist, choirmaster, 1932 BA, 1933 BM and 1934 MM from Yale University, 1929-1933 studied organ with Harry B Jepson at Yale University, 1934 with Louis Vierne at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, 1934-1935 conducting with Henry Wood and composition with Ralph Vaughan Williams and Arnold Bax in London, 1933-1934 organist/choirmaster of Trinity Church in New Haven, 1935-1939 of the National Episcopal Cathedral in Washington DC, 1939 teacher music theory and history and 1949-1972 professor and head music department at Williams College in Williamstown Massachusetts, conductor of the Berkshire Choral Society in Williamstown, 1940 residing at 31 School Street and 1950 at 2 Chapin Court ; son of newspaper publisher/private secretary Frank Harding Barrow (Missouri 8.sep.1872-12.may.1924 Washington DC) and music teacher Edith Bond (Ky, Louisville 28.sep.1877-20.jul.1958 Mass, North Adams) ; 8.aug.1938 he married musician Esther Jones (Mass, Northampton 28.oct.1909-26.may.1994 Bensalem)

Title Parts

[] Factory. Ballet suite. Orchestra. 1933
[] Scherzo. Orchestra. 1934
[] Three colors. Ballet. 1937
[] String quartet no2. 1945
[] Suite. String orchestra. 1946
[] Christus natus est. Organ. 1955
[] Suite concertante. Organ and strings
[] Sinfonia concertante. English horn, trumpet, double bass and orchestra
[] The risen Christ. Choir and organ
[] Emanuel. Catata. Choir and organ
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