Barry, Henry 8th earl of Barrymore 21.oct.1770-18.dec.1823 England, London Marylebone - France, Paris
29.nov.1770 baptized at Saint Mary, St Marylebone Road in London St Marylebone, 6.mar.1793 on the death of his brother he became the 8th earl of Barrymore, he was lieutenant colonel of the South Cork Militia Ireland, he died at the house of duc de Castries in Paris ; son of Richard Barry 6th earl of Barrymore (Ireland, Dublin oct.1745-1.aug.1773 Ireland Co. Waterford, Dromana, buried castle Lyons Co. Cork) and Amelia 'Emily' Stanhope (London Kensington 24.may.1749-5.sep.1780 France) ; brother of composer Richard Barry 7th earl of Barrymore and composer Augustus Barry

Title Parts

[] Ere death hath expel'd ev'ry sense from my heart. Duetto with an accompaniment for the piano forte
the words from the poem of Opoleyta by Bertie Ambrose
pub Mitchell's Musical Library, London 1815

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