Blythe 'Barrymore', Lionel Herbert 28.apr.1878-15.nov.1954 USA Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - California, Los Angeles Chatsworth
actor, oboist, studied theory with Henry Hadley in New York, composition with Eugene Zador in Hollywood, piano with Agnes Morgan ; son of the actors Herbert Arthur Chamberlayne Blythe 'Maurice Barrymore' (India 21.sep.1849-26.mar.1905 Amityville) and Georgiana Emma Drew (Philadelphia 12.jun.1855-2.jul.1893 Santa Barbara) ; brother of the actors Ethel Mae Blyte 'Barrymore' (Philadelphia 15.aug.1879-18.jun.1959 Beverly Hills) and John Sidney Blyth 'Barrymore' (Philadelphia 14.feb.1882-29.may.1942 Los Angeles) ; 19.jun.1904 in New York he married actress Doris Marie Rankin (New York City 24.aug.1887-1946 Washington DC) divorced mar.1923 ; 14.jun.1923 in Rome Italy he married actress Irene Frizzel 'Fenwick' (Chicago 5.sep.1887-24.dec.1936 of anorexia in Beverly Hills)

Title Parts

[] Farewell symphony. Opera in 1 act
[] Tableau Russe (Russian dances). Orchestra. 1940
[] Preludium and fugue. Orchestra. 1944
[] Scherzo grotesque
[] Partita. Orchestra
[] Fugue fantasia no1. Orchestra
[] Fugue fantasia no2. Orchestra
[] Valse fantasia. Orchestra
[] In memoriam. Orchestra
[] Ballet Viennois
[] The woodman and the elves
[] Behind the horizon
[] Elegie. Oboe and orchestra
[] Rondo. Piano
[] Halloween. A musical fairytale. 1946
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