Barth, Elise (fem) c1800-1840 Czechoslovakia, Prague - Prague
pianist, teacher piano, at a very early age showed such unusual talent on the piano that the director of Prague Conservatory Bedrich Dionys Weber accepted her personally for a careful education, at the age of 7 she already played the difficult pieces of Mozart, Steibelt, Dussek and Clementi, trained in the whole piano literature of Scarlatti and Johann Sebastian Bach on up to Hummel and Moscheles she undertook her first journey along the Badeorte of Bohemia, after her return she started the study of general bass and harmony and soon started to compose, 1832 with the singer Frau Podhorsky and violinist Friedrich Wilhelm Pixis she undertook a concert trip to Vienna and the neighbouring countries, 1832-1840 teacher piano to the singing students at Prague Conservatory

Title Parts

[] Flora. Polka-mazurka. Piano
an orchestrated version by Georg Richard Kruse is in the Lippische Landesbibliothek Detmold

[] Berliner favorit-galopp. Pianoforte
music E. A. Barth - ? Elise
pub Bethge, Berlin 1834

[] Neuester Pariser favoritwalzer. Pianoforte
music E. A. Barth - ? Elise
pub Bethge, Berlin 1831

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