Barth, Friedrich August Wilhelm 9.may.1813-10.dec.1884 Germany, Leipzig - Switzerland, Biel
flutist, violinist, conductor, 1838 bandmaster of the Leibinfanterie regiment in Dresden, 1839-1853 court and city musician in Glaugau, 1854-1856 as flutist and conductor active at the Fransche Vaudeville Theater, the Fransche Tuin and the Apollo Theater in Amsterdam Netherlands

Title Parts

[] Sey gesegnet stille morgensonne. Cantata. Bass, choir, winds, kettle drums and organ. Glauchau 1839. op54
[] Die Versuche. Singspiel. Dresden 12aug1836
in Stieger erroneously listed under L. Barth

[] Die Sicilianische Vesper. Romantic opera. Glauchau 1841
in Stieger erroneously listed under L. Barth

[] Die Furstenbraut. Opera. Stadttheater, Freiburg im Breisgau 1856
[] Concert-Ouverture
performed and conducted by the composer Wilhelm Barth at the Fransche Tuin in de Plantaadje, Amsterdam 5jul1856

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