Barth, Hans 25.jun.1897-9.dec.1956 Germany, Leipzig - USA Florida, Jacksonville
pianist, at the age of 12 gave recitals in New York, 1912 became naturalized American, studied at Leipzig Conservatory, he made a study of tonal and octave divisions and 1928 invented a portable quarter-tone piano on which he played at Carnegie Hall 3.feb.1930, he gave harpsichord, piano and quarter-tone piano concerts in Europe and America, director of Yonkers Institute of Musical Art and the National School for Musical Culture in New York, teacher piano at the Mannes School of Music

Title Parts

[] Concerto no2 for quarter-tone piano and strings. 1930. op15
[] Miragia. Operetta. 1928
[] Piano concerto. 1928
[] Piano sonata. 1929
[] Quintet for quarter-tone strings and piano. 1930
[] Piano sonata. 1932
[] Save me the waltz (the whisp'ring waltz). 1938
ms The British Library, St Pancras London

[] Drama symphony. 1940
[] Ten etudes for piano and orchestra. 1943
[] Peace symphony
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