Barth, Heinrich 1896-1957 Germany Pfalz, Oggersheim - Oggersheim
choral conductor, listed as composer in Pfaelzer Saenger (Sangergemeinschaft Germersheim) and Chorleiterchor Pfalz (Pfalzischen Sangerbundes), 1923 appointed choirmaster of Gesangverein 'Frohsinn-Concordia' in Studernheim near Oggersheim, 5.may.1935 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Mannergesangsvereins '1860' of Mutterstadt he conducted a 50-man choir in a great anniversary concert, 1951 after years of inactivity of 'Frohsinn-Concordia' during and after WWII he became choirmaster again of 'Frohsinn-Concordia' which he remained until his death in 1954 (!)

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no compositions known by Heinrich Barth (1896-1957)
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