Barth, Nicolaus (Nicolaas) 3.aug.1744-15.mar.1820 Germany, Rheingau - Netherlands Limburg, ?
clarinetist, music printer and publisher, he used to arrange almost everything he published, 1778 moved to Rotterdam Netherlands where he performed as clarinetist and opened a music publishing shop at the Noordblaak No. 354, 25.feb.1785 as clarinetist he gave a grand concert at the Groote Concertzaal van de Heer Steger at the Bierstraat in Rotterdam, 22.feb.1803 he placed a misleading advertisement selling the 'Methode de piano forte par Pleyel Dussek' by W van Bergen publisher in Breda for 1 gulden while the price by W van Bergen was 5 gulden, actually his 'Methode' was a totally other work of only 6 pages while that of W van Bergen was 68 pages, 1804 this affair and bad business sense forced him to transfer his music publishing work to Ludwig (Lodewijk) Plattner at Noordblaak No. 352 in Rotterdam

Title Parts

[] Quartetto periodique. Flute, violin, viola and cello
[] Potpourri, pour deux violons
pub Nicolaas Barth, Rotterdam c1785

[] Potpourri, pour deux violons. No. 3
including arrangements of arias from the operas, Air du Souterein, Pauvre Jacques, Marche de Richard Coeur de Lion (Gretry)
pub Nicolaas Barth, Rotterdam c1785

[] Trois trios a deux violons et violoncelle, tires des oeuvres de M. J. Pleyel
music Ignaz Joseph Pleyel, arr Nicolaas Barth
pub Nicolaas Barth, Rotterdam c1793

[] Collection of violin duets. 10 Violin duets
pub Nicolaas Barth, Rotterdam c1800
imported and sold by G. Willig, no. 185 Market Street, Philadelphia

[] Six duettinos faciles, pour deux violons. op45, livre 1
the first duettino by Adalbert Gyrowetz, the others anonymous
pub Nicolaas Barth, Rotterdam c1802

[] Quatuor Periodicque pour la flute violon viola et violoncello tires des Oeuvres. Oeuvres 6me
music Franz Anton Hoffmeister, arr Nicolaus Barth
pub Nicolaas Barth, Rotterdam

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