Barthel, Johann Christian 19.apr.1776-10.jun.1831 Germany, Plauen - Altenburg
organist, conductor, 1782 studied piano with Franz Anton Rosler, studied violin with Johann Adam Hiller and organ with Friedrich Gorner at the Thomasschule in Leipzig , 1792 organist and 1793 conductor at the court in Schoneburg, 1797 cantor and director of music in Greitz, 1804-1831 organist at the court in Altenburg

Title Parts

[] Fugue in D. Organ
[] An das vaterland. Voice and piano
pub Altenburg April 1813

[] Musikalische flora. 18 Dances and 12 waltzes. Piano
pub Kollmann, Leipzig

[] Easter cantata
[] 104 Psalms. 4vv
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