Barthelemon, Cecilia Maria (fem) 1.sep.1767-5.dec.1859 England, London Marylebone - Norfolk, Tottenhill
singer, pianist, harpsichordist, 18.sep.1767 baptized at St James in London Westminster, 1776-1777 on the continental tour of her parents she sang before the King of Naples and Marie Antoinette, repeating the same program March 1778 in London, she appeared with her parents as singer and later as pianist, 1844 she had settled with her retired husband and large family at Oakwood House in Tottenhill ; daughter of Francois Hippolyte Barthelemon and Mary Young ; 12.jan.1797 at St Mary in London Lambeth she married captain Edward Prentis Henslowe (London Aldgate 30.aug.1772-15.may.1857 Kent, Northfleet)

Title Parts

[] Three sonatas. Pianoforte or harpsichord and violin. op1
dedicated by permission to Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia Matilda by Miss Barthelemon
pub Vauxhall, London 1791
[] 1 - in C
[] 2 - in E flat
[] 3 - in E
[] Two sonatas for the piano-forte or harpsichord, with accompaniments for the violin, german flute and violoncello. op2
dedicated by permission, to Her Royal Highness the Dutchess of York by Miss Barthelemon
pub Vauxhall, To be had at all the music shops, London 1792
[] 1 - in G
[] 2 - in F
[] Sonata in G. Piano or harpsichord. op3
composed & dedicated to J. Haydn, M.D. by Miss Barthelemon (Joseph Haydn, friend of the family Barthelemon)
pub John Bland, London 1794

[] Sonata in C. Piano and violin. op4
pub Printed for the authoress, by Messrs. Longman and Broderip, London 1795

[] The capture of the Cape of Good Hope. Piano forte or harpsichord, concluding with a song and chorus
pub Lavenu, London 1795

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