Bartholdy, Conrad Johan 12.mar.1853-6.dec.1904 Denmark, Hammel Frijsenborg - Copenhagen Frederiksberg
organist, choirmaster, 1872 graduated from the Aarhus Cathedral School, started to study political science but changed to musical study, studied singing with Carl Helsted, music theory with Johann Christian Gebauer, piano with Edmund Neupert, organ with Gottfred Matthison Hansen, 1880 settled as private teacher of singing in Copenhagen, 1883-1904 organist and cantor of the Sankt Matthaeus Kirke in Copenhagen, 1897-1903 conductor of the Student Choral Society, 1902-1904 conductor of the Officers Orchestra

Title Parts

[] Salomons sange. Song cycle. 1885. op15
[] Svinedrengen (The swineherd). Operetta. 1886. op16
[] Dyveke. Opera. 1899. op31
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