Bartholomeus, Willem Victor 11.feb.1825-13.aug.1892 Netherlands, Bunde - Zwolle
organist, studied piano, organ and composition with Francois Joseph Fetis at the Conservatoire in Brussel, 1.may.1850-1883 organist/choirmaster of the Sint Michaelskerk in Zwolle, 1857-1890 private teacher harmony, piano and singing at Sassenpoort in Zwolle, 1871 he organized and became director of the Pius-Concerten yearly giving large scale performances (Handel Oratorios) for the benefit of the poor at the Odeon in Zwolle, 3.nov.1873 appointed director of Zangvereeniging Caecilia and 1879 conductor of the male Liedertafel Caecilia in Zwolle, 12.nov.1873 he inaugurated the new Maarschalkerweerd organ at the church of Wijhe Boerhaar ; brother of Jan Nicolaas ; 16.feb.1857 in Zwolle he married modiste Gertjen Elisabetha Dorothea Wilms (Germany, Embden 19.mar.1819-11.feb.1899 Zwolle)

Title Parts

[] Ave Maria. Solo voor bariton met orgel
music W. V. Bartholomeus
performed by Rooms-Katholieke Dames en Heeren at the Pius-Concert, Concertzaal van het Odeon, Zwolle 21jun1876

[] (details unknown). Church compositions, choral compositions and songs

according an unreliable article in J. H. Letzer 1913 who knew only one Bartholomeus, not of any given names, writing about a non-existing W. N. Bartholomeus, under which he gives a biography of Willem Victor
The mentioned "church compositions, choral compositions and songs" are almost certainly a confusion with Jan Nicolaas

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