Bartholomew (nee Mounsey), Ann Sheppard (fem) 17.apr.1811-24.jun.1891 England, London Soho - London Shoreditch
organist, 2.jun.1811 baptized at Saint Anne in Soho, 1817 studied music with Johann Bernhard Logier, later with Samuel Wesley and Thomas Attwood, 1828 organist in London Clapton, 1829 of St Michael's on Wood Street Clapton, 22.nov.1837-1884 of St Vedast on Foster Lane, 22.nov.1843-1849 she gave series of Classical Concerts at Crosby Hall in London, 8.jan.1845 Mendelssohn's Hear my Prayer was composed for and first performed at these concerts, 1880-1891 as teacher of music with sister Elizabeth and 2 servants residing at 58 Brunswick Place, City Road ; sister of composer Elizabeth Mounsey ; 28.mar.1853 at St Vedast on Foster Lane in London she married scientist and libretto translator for Mendelssohn and others William Bartholomew (London 1793-18.aug.1867 London)

Title Parts

[] Mary, meet me there. Ballad. 1832
words William Bell
her first published composition

[] Six songs of remembrance. 1835
respectfully inscribed by permission to the Countess Munster nee Schaumburg Lippe her excellency, the Baroness Bulow, the most noble, the Marchioness of Salisbury, the right hon'ble the Lady Ouseley, the Viscountess Newark, and the Lady Anstruther
the music composed by Miss Mounsey
pub T. E. Purday, London 1837
no.5 was still in the catalogs of Augener in 1905
[] 1 - If love be life, I long to die
[] 2 - The will o' the wisp
[] 3 - I can bid thee now, farewell
[] 4 - The warrior boy
[] 5 - O the merry, merry Spring
[] 6 - Song of the Summer winds
[] 7 - Song of the Summer winds, arranged for three voices
[] Six duets in canon for two soprano voices, with an accompaniment for the piano forte. op11
pub T. E. Purday, London 1836
[] 1 - To May morning
[] 2 - Tell me, thou soul of her I love
[] 3 - Higher, higher will we climb
[] 4 - Medora's song
[] 5 - Oh how much more doth beauty
[] 6 - Hail! merrie Spring
[] Six songs, composed for the Royal Society of Female Musicians. 1845
[] The Nativity. Oratorio. 1853. op29
performed in the Hullah Concerts at St Martin's Hall, London 17jan1855

[] God save and bless Napoleon, written to the air Partant pour la Syrie
words by William Bartholomew, harmonized for four voices by Mrs. Mounsey Bartholomew
pub Addison & Hollier, London 1855

[] Six four-part songs. op37
pub Ewer & Co., London 1857
[] 1 - The golden age
[] 2 - To echo
[] 3 - Blow, blow, thou winter wind
[] 4 - The sailor's adieu
[] 5 - Golden slumbers
[] 6 - Homeward
[] The lark now leaves his wat'ry nest. Choir. 1859
words Sir W. Davenant

[] Sacred Harmony. A Collection of psalm & hymn tunes, chants, &c. The words selected from a volume by the Rev. W. J. Hall. With original interludes to each tune newly arranged for the organ or piano forte
edited and composed in conjunction with her sister, Elizabeth Mounsey
pub T. E. Purday, London 1860

[] Supplication and Thanksgiving. Sacred cantata
the words selected from the Psalms by William Bartholomew
dedicated to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales, 1864

[] Hymns of Prayer and Praise
edited and composed in conjunction with her sister, Elizabeth Mounsey
pub Brewer & Co., London 1868
A presentation copy with an inscription dated December 1868 was presented to Queen Victoria

[] A wreath for Christmas. Four-part song. 1876
words J. Enderssohn

[] Prelude and gigue. Pianoforte. 1881
[] Thirty-four original tunes set to favourite hymns by Milton, Heber, Montgomery, Keble, Bonar, Elliott, &c. Organ
pub James Nisbet & Co., London 1883

[] The Sydenham march. Piano 4 hands
pub Edwin Ashdown, London

[] Te Deum. Three settings to nine chants
pub Novello & Co., London

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