Bartich (Baertich), Felix Edmund 24.jun.1874-29.mar.1901 Germany, Mannheim - Switzerland, Davos
conductor, not identified as composer, 1893 studied cameralia (business) at the the University of Heidelberg, 30.nov.1897 still residing with his parents in Mannheim, 15.jan.1899 music director in Mannheim, 18.mar.1899 music director in Freiburg im Breisgau, June 1900-1901 director of the Kur-Orchester in Davos ; son of court orchestra musician Edmund Bartich (Anhalt, Jessnitz 27.feb.1838-17.mar.1921 Mannheim) and Babette Schelly (Bruchsal 26.feb.1851-25.apr.1909 Mannheim) ; brother of the composers Richard Bartich and Rudolf Bartich ; about May 1898 in London England he married the 13 year older Friederike Elise Caroline Wilhelmine Bopp (Mannheim 2.jul.1861-)

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no compositions known by Edmund Bartich
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