Bartich (Baertich), Johannes 'Johann' Rudolf 24.jun.1876-8.oct.1947 Germany, Mannheim - Dresden
violinist, 1898-1900 violinist of the Berliner Philharmoniker, 1900 first concertmaster of the Staatskapelle in Dresden, 25.dec.1908 from Dresden he sent a letter to Emma Grammann (sister of composer Karl Grammann), 27.mar.1917 with singer Carl Perron he gave a concert at Saalbau in Frankfurt, 1933 teacher at the Orchester Schule der Sachsichen Staatskapelle in Dresden, one of his violin pupils in Dresden was Alfred Hornoff, he formed a trio with pianist Walter Bachmann and cellist Arthur Stenz and was member of the Dresdener Trio with pianist Franz Wagner and cellist G Willi, 22.may.1941 from Dresden he sent a letter to librarian Georg Minde-Pouet ; son of court orchestra musician Edmund Bartich (Anhalt, Jessnitz 27.feb.1838-17.mar.1921 Mannheim) and Babette Schelly (Bruchsal 26.feb.1851-25.apr.1909 Mannheim) ; brother of composer Richard Bartich and ?composer Edmund Bartich ; 15.jul.1905 in Mannheim he married Anna Emma Carolina Kroll (Mannheim 30.apr.1882-11.may.1907 Dresden) ; son flutist Walter Bartich (Dresden 29.mar.1907-) ; 3.apr.1909 in Dresden he married Ella Luise Auguste Grenser (Dresden 9.jul.1888-24.aug.1947 Dresden)

Title Parts

[] Erinnerung. Violin and piano. op6
pub C. A. Klemm, Leipzig 1917

[] Ouverture. Harmony orchestra
[] Capriccio. Harmony orchestra
[] Lieder
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