Bartlett Davis, Jessie sep.1856-14.may.1905 USA Illinois, Morris - Chicago
contralto singer, 30.jul.1860 aged 3 living with her 5 year old sister Arabelle, 1 year old sister Josephine, 4 brothers and parents in Morris, 1876 she was choirmember at the Church of the Messiah in Chicago, 1877 studied under Frederick Root in Chicago, July 1879 she joined the Chicago Church Choir 'Pinafore', 1888-1901 singer with the Boston Ideal Opera 'Bostonians', 1899 in New York she produced the opera 'The little bandit' by Herman Perley in which her niece Gertrude Bartlett sang the soprano role, 9.jun.1900 she resided with husband Will J sr. and 2 year old son Will J jr. at 4740 Grand Boulevard, Hyde Park, Chicago (which now only exists as an area in Hyde Park Chicago, but it is temptive to assume it is the present day 4740 South Langley Ave, a house build 1890 with a theatre room and theatre-like entrance) ; daughter of musician Elias Lyman Bartlett (NH, Chesterfield 19.feb.1821-25.nov.1890 Indiana, East Chicago) and Rachel Ann Conklin (NY, Rensselaer 16.jan.1826-26.sep.1890 Indiana, East Chicago) ; sister of the singers Arabelle 'Belle' (Morris 6.mar.1855-28.dec.1874 Knoxville) and Josephine 'Josie' (Morris 1859-14.oct.1910 Chicago) ; 31.mar.1880 at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Chicago she married theatre manager William James Davis (Michigan, Julyian 8.feb.1844-16.may.1919 Chicago at 4740 Grand Boulevard, buried Elkhart Indiana) ; son William James Davis jr. (Indiana, Elkhart 6.oct.1883-)

[her gravestone reads erroneously born Sept. 1859]

Title Parts

[] Retrospection. Song for contralto
publisher Lyon & Healy, Chicago 1887

[] Surcease of sorrow. Song
words and music Jessie Bartlett Davis, arr Eugene E. Schmitz
published in The Examiner, San Francisco 1899

[] Just because I love you so. Song
words and music Jessie Bartlett Davis, arr Leo Friedman
publisher Sol Bloom, Chicago 1900

[] Where is the heart that no cherished secret. Song
publisher McKinley Music Co., Chicago

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