Bartlett, Gertrude Clara 1.aug.1894-23.mar.1990 USA Wisconsin, Eau Claire - Madison
1894-1917 living in Eau Claire with her parents and sister Ruth M Bartlett (jul.1891-), 1904 together with her sister Ruth she studied music in the class of Ruth Ellis in Eau Claire, 31.mar.1910 she was chorus singer in the opera 'In Deutschland' by John T McDonough at Elks Lodge in Eau Claire, 1912 chairman of the music committee of The Choral and at Fournier's Academy in Eau Claire, 4.jul.1917 on the music committee for the celebration of Independence Day in Eau Claire, 1919-1921 teaching harmony at George Washington High School Cedar Rapids Iowa, 1925 moved to Madison, 1940-1941 teacher at Lowell School and 1946-1958 at Emerson School in Madison ; daughter of architect William Warren Bartlett (Maine, Aroostook 23.jan.1861-31.mar.1933 Madison) and Clara Towner (Canada may.1863) ; 14.jun.1924 in Chicago she married life insurance agent Forrest Thompson Kellman (Wisconsin, Galesville 9.mar.1897-21.oct.1968 Madison)

Title Parts

[] Oratory "Capital punishment" by Ralph Sorenson
[] Oratory "Martyrs to machinery" by Arthur Anderson
[] Oratory "Emmet's vindication" by Arthur Schneider
music Gertrude Bartlett (1894-1990) and Hattie Friesem (Eau Claire 1894-)
performed at the Oratorical Contest, Memorial High School, Eau Claire Wisconsin April 18

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