Bartlett, Maro Loomis 25.oct.1847-14.mar.1919 USA Ohio, Brownhelm - Iowa, Des Moines
bass singer, conductor, studied at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, vocal study with Antonia Henne in New York, conductor of the Philharmonic Society in Meadville Pennsylvania, 1874-1876 music teacher in the schools of Orange New Jersey, director of the Harmonic Society in Newark New Jersey, music teacher for 6 years in the schools of New York City, bass soloist appearing in oratorios in different cities, 1880 conductor of the Mozart Club in Chicago, choirmaster of the First Congregational Church in Chicago, director of the vocal department of Chicago Musical College, 1886-1909 conductor of the Philharmonic Society in Des Moines, 1888-1893 head music department of Drake University Des Moines where he received the degree of Doctor of Music in 1889, 1888-1909 founder/director of Des Moines Musical College, until 1908 conductor of the Apollo Club ; son of farmer Nelson Dwight Bartlett (NH, Chesterfield 19.jul.1820-30.dec.1899 Ohio, Oberlin) and Jane Rankin (Massachusetts 1826-1881 Oberlin) ; 11.nov.1874 he married Ida Isidor Work (Pennsylvania 1851-10.feb.1927 Seattle)

Title Parts

[] Jehovah, God, who dwelt of old. Tune name "Temple". 1905
words Lewis R. Amis 1904

[] Te Deum laudamus in A
[] Deus miseratur in E flat
[] I heard the voice of Jesus
[] Since the old farm was sold
[] They will never march again
[] My country, o my country
[] Come ye disconsolate. TTBB Choir
pub John Church Co., Cincinnati

[] Let the words of my mouth. TTBB Choir
pub John Church Co., Cincinnati

[] Moments won't wait for us darling. Song and chorus with piano
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York

[] Up and away. Mixed voices
pub J. Curwen & Sons Ltd., London / Oliver Ditson Co., Boston

[] Services for the Episcopal church
[] Bartlett's Male Quartet
[] Male Quartet Book I
pub Echo Music Co.

[] New Male Quartet and Chorus Book
pub Echo Music Co.

[] Class and Chorus, for schools and colleges
author Maro L. Bartlett
pub Summy F. Clayton

[] High School Chorus Collection
pub Echo Music Co.

[] Sacred Gems, for Sunday School
editor Maro L. Bartlett

[] American anthem book I & II
editor Maro L. Bartlett

[] Crowning Victor, song circle
editor Maro L. Bartlett

[] The Progressive Music Course
author Maro L. Bartlett

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