Bartlett, Mary Janchuk (fem) 28.mar.1915- Canada, Vancouver
harpist, teacher harp, 1915 emigrated to the USA Detroit, 1934-1936 studied at Michigan State Normal College in Ypsilanti, 1937-1938 studied in Ann Arbor Michigan, studied with Carlos Salzedo, harpist with the Detroit Symphony, 1940 music teacher at Michigan State Normal College, 1988 residing in Blowing Rock in North Carolina, 1993 in Detroit Bingham Farms in Michigan, 2013 still active as freelance harpist in Detroit ; daughter of hotel kitchen hand Wasyl (William) Janchuk (Poland 11.may.1883-16.jan.1973 Michigan, Birmingham) and Anna Ferber (Poland 24.jun.1890-21.nov.1971 Michigan, Birmingham) ; 3.sep.1938 in Detroit she married chemist Paul D Bartlett (Michigan 26.may.1911-4.jul.1981 Michigan, Birmingham) ; mother of harpist Jacquelyn Bartlett

Title Parts

[] The fountain of faith. Short film. 1961
copyright Mary Bartlett 15feb1962

[] Try to understand
words Mary Bartlett, music Gene Brooks
copyright words and music Mary Bartlett 26dec1974

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