Barton, William 1597-may.1678 (aged 80) England, ? - Leicester
hymnodist, 1618-1622 BA and 1625 MA from Cambridge University, 21.sep.1623 ordained priest in Peterborough, 1631-1643 vicar of Mayfield Staffordshire, 1646 minister of St John Zachary London, 1656 vicar of St Martin's Leicester

Title Parts

[] Te Deum (4 settings)
[] Book of Psalms in metre, close and proper to the Hebrew, smoth and pleasant for the metre, plain and easie for the tune, with musicall notes, arguments, annotations and index. Pitted for the ready use and understanding of all good Christians. London 1644, 2nd edition 1645, reprinted 1646, 1651, 1654, 1682, 1692, Dublin 1706
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