Bartschmid, Alois 15.jun.1863-4.nov.1939 Germany, Munchen - USA Ohio, Dayton
organist, studied at Munchen Conservatory, with Joseph Rheinberger, Max Zenger, Otto Hieber, Carl Maria Prestele and Joseph Becht, 1880-1890 singer of the Royal Bavarian Chapel, 1882 graduated from college, 1886-1890 conductor of choral societies in Munchen, 1889 became a German army officer, 1889 member of the Vocal Madrigal Quartette in Munchen, 1890 teacher at the Military Academy in Munchen, 1890 emigrated to the USA, 1890-1897 teacher voice and piano and organist of St Bernard's Church in Fitchburg Massachusetts, 26.oct.1898 naturalized American, 1898-1902 music teacher and organist of the cathedral in Hartford Connecticut, 1903-1912 music teacher and organist of the Mission Church in Boston Roxbury and of St Mary's Church in Boston Dedham Massachusetts, Fellow American Guild of Organists, May 1907 second honorary mention, 1907 member of the Diocesan Music Commission in Boston, 1910 choirmaster of the cathedral in Boston, 1913-1924 music teacher at 2912 Hackberry and 1810 Fairfax Ave and 1920 church organist in Cincinnati Ohio, 1925-1939 music teacher in Dayton Ohio ; 1892 he married singer and pianist Rosa M (Germany, Munchen 6.dec.1868-8.aug.1934 Dayton) 1888 graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Munchen Germany, 1888 emigrated to the USA, 1893-1933 teacher voice and piano at her own studios

Title Parts

[] Mass of the holy cross
pub Fischer and G. Schirmer 1908

[] Mass in a
pub Boston Music Co.

[] Tantum ergo. Mixed choir. 1909
[] Tantum ergo in D
[] Veni creator. Baritone
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Veni creator in F. Women's voices
[] Veni creator spiritus. Male quartet and SATB choir
[] O Salutaris hostia. Baritone
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] O Salutaris. SATB Choir
[] O Salutaris hostia (The Lord is my shepherd)
[] Beatus vir. SATB Choir
[] Coronation march from Die Folkunger E. Kretschmer. Transcribed for pipe organ
[] De profundis. Alto and SATB choir
[] Dixit Dominus. SATB Choir
[] Lauda Jerusalem. Soprano and SATB choir
[] Laudate Dominum. SATB Choir
[] Laudate pueri. Tenor and SATB choir
[] O holy Jesus (Salve regina). Soprano, mezzosoprano, alto, baritone
[] Salve regina. SATB Choir
[] Requiem
[] Second Short Requiem. SATB Choir
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