Bash, Mendel Khatskelevich 14.apr.1919-9.aug.2012 Latvia, Riga - Riga
choral conductor, teacher, jewish, survivor of the holocaust, 1948 graduated in composition with Adolfs Skulte and 1950 in choral conducting with L E Vigmera from Latvia State Conservatory in Riga, 1947-1949 teacher music theory at Latvia State Conservatory, 1961 professor of choral conducting at Riga Conservatory (now Academy of Music Jazeps Vitols), 1962-1975 conductor of the National Operetta Theatre in Riga, 1975-1993 conductor of the 'Riga' Professional Symphonic Band

Title Parts

[] Symphonic poem. Orchestra. 1949
[] Waltz. Voice and orchestra. 1949
[] Poem. Piano and orchestra. 1955
[] Ceremonial march. Orchestra. 1959
[] In memory of the victims of fascism. Oratorio. Soloists, choir and orchestra. 1961
words Gregory Beilin

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