Bass, Warner Seeley (ne Seelig, Werner) 6.oct.1908-14.nov.1988 Germany, Brandenburg - USA NY, New York
pianist, conductor, MA from Berlin University, MM from Berlin State Academy of Music, BM from New York College of Music, MA from New York University, studied with Arthur Perleberg and Julius Pruwer, 1930 choirmaster at the State Opera in Kassel, until 1938 at Kulturbund Theater Berlin, 29.jan.1938 emigrated to the USA, 1962-1964 conductor of the American Symphony Orchestra, 1967-1969 professor at New York University, 1969-1981 at City University New York in Kingsborough, 1984 conductor of Omni Musica Orchestra, 1978-1985 residing at 260 W 72nd Street New York City

[Frank/Rosner 1974 gives erroneously born 6.oct.1915]

Title Parts

[] Taps. Adagio. Trumpet, percussion and strings. 1963
in memory of John F. Kennedy (1917-22nov1963)

[] Serenata concertante. Viola and string orchestra
[] Song of hope. Overture and fugue. Orchestra
[] Taps. Adagio. Trumpet, drums and orchestra
[] Larghetto. Oboe and string orchestra
[] Sonata. Viola and piano
[] Sonatinetta. Trumpet and piano
[] Psalm 96. Tenor, female choir and organ
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