Bassett, Bernard 'Reginald' 'Rex' Hazeltine 3.sep.1878-24.apr.1951 USA California Alameda, Oakland - Los Angeles
pianist, arranger, orchestrator, 1910 he changed his name to Reginald, studied counterpoint and composition with Humphrey J Stewart, 1910 pianist at the Odeon Cafe San Francisco, 1904-1924 residing in San Francisco, 1925 in Hollywood, motion picture composer for Fox Films and Sam Fox Publishing Co. ; son of James Madison Bassett (Indiana, Shelby 9.nov.1830-24.apr.1903 Oakland) and Carrie Hazeltine (New York 15.nov.1850-21.aug.1943) ; 1910 divorced from his first marriage ; 19.apr.1912 second marriage to singer/actress Rosina McIntosh (Oregon 1892-) ; 1929 thirth marriage to Estelle Carlton Day (Alameda 12.jul.1885-12.jan.1951 Hollywood)

[Ussher 1933 gives erroneously born San Francisco 3.sep.1886]

Title Parts

[] The king maker. Comic opera. Princess Theatre, San Francisco 1908
libretto Waldemar Young

[] The fragrant night. Musical play
Grove play for Bohemian Club San Francisco

[] The vision of Portola. Musical play
Grove play for Bohemian Club San Francisco

[] One night of love. Musical play (with singer Grace Moore)
[] The gold rush. Film score. 1925
[] What price glory. Film score. 1926
[] Seventh heaven. Film score. 1927
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