Bassford, William Kipp 23.apr.1839-22.dec.1902 USA NY, New York - New York (bur Brooklyn)
pianist, organist, studied harmony and composition with Samuel P Jackson, 1868 he was pianist at Irving Hall New York, 1870 piano teacher in New York City Westchester Morrisania, 3.oct.1870 he was pall-bearer at the funeral of Louis Moreau Gottschalk at St Stephen's Church New York, 1878-1880 professor of music, music teacher at 130 Fifth Avenue while residing at 149 Mott Avenue New York, 1888-1895 residing at 277 Main Street in East Orange New Jersey where he was organist of Calvary Church, 8.jun.1893 played the organ at the dedication of the new Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church in East Orange, 1893 worked at Chickering Hall New York City, 1895-1897 editor for G Schirmer in New York, 1900 residing at 130 Academy Street (build 1897) Belleville New Jersey and organist of Calvary Church ; son of musician, billiard table manufacturer and wealthy land investor Abraham Isaac Bassford (New York 1793-13.jun.1864 New York City) and Abby Catherine Kipp (New York 1810-18.may.1878 New York City) ; 22.oct.1863 in New York City he married Maria L Boulard (Massachusetts aug.1843-a1920 Belleville) daughter of musician/bell ringer James Boullard ; sons engineer/inventor William Kipp jr. (New York City may.1865-4.jun.1923 New York City) and Milton (New York City 14.nov.1866-16.jan.1875 New York City)

[New York City as place of death as given by Baker 1905 is doubtful because he actually resided in Belleville at time of death, although he may have died at a hospital or at work in New York City ; this doubt is further strengthened by the fact that the death of William Kipp jr. (bur Brooklyn) is also registered as New York City while he resided from 1900 until death in New Jersey at Piscataway, Perth Amboy, New Brunswick and Metuchen]

Title Parts

[] How sad the moments are. Ballad
words George W. Fortmeyer Esq.
publisher J. H. Hidley, Albany 1860

[] Tis all for thee
words Thomas Moore
dedication Miss Belle P. Janes, New York
publisher Beer & Schirmer, New York 1862

[] Tarantelle. Piano. op10
[] Home they brought her warrior dead. Song. op35
words Alfred Tennyson
publisher William A. Pond & Co., New York 1866

[] Graziosa. Valse brillante. Piano. op43
[] Mass in E flat. SATB Choir and piano. op52
publisher E. Schuberth, New York 1875

[] La violette. Valse. Piano. op90
[] Pansy a la mazourka. Piano. op91
[] Mazourka caprice. Impromptu. Piano. op92
[] Ricordanza. Valse. Piano. op93
[] Bagatelle. Piano. op102
[] Study with recreation. Piano. op103
[] 3 Pieces. Piano. op107 [] 1 - Barcarolle
[] 2 - Saltarello
[] 3 - Allegretto grazioso
[] O heavenly father. Quartet. op108
[] 2 Pieces. Piano. op112 [] 1 - Petite march
[] 2 - Reverie
[] 4 Pieces. Piano. op115 [] 1 - Romance
[] 2 - In the sunshine
[] 3 - Petite mazurka
[] 4 - Bagatelle
[] Carneval fancies. March and twostep. Piano. op121/2
[] On the lake. Piano. op131
[] 2 Pieces. Piano. op132 [] 1 - Reverie
[] 2 - Country dance
[] 3 Pieces. Piano. op133 [] 1 - Little cavalier
[] 2 - Plaintive story
[] 3 - Little fable
[] Rural pleasures. Andante. Piano. op226
[] Arm these thy soldiers mighty Lord. Quartet
[] Ave Maria
[] Christ our passover
[] Gently, Lord, o gently lead us
[] Hail joyous morn! Easter
[] Jubilate
[] Lead kindly light
[] Lord forever at Thy side
[] Nearer, my God to Thee
[] O for a closer walk with God. Soprano, tenor and quartet
[] Old spinning wheel
[] Nevermore
[] O where shall rest be found. Soprano and quartet
[] She flung the roses in the air
[] Song to a sweetheart
[] Songs of praise the angel's song
[] Te Deum. (Schirmer's Church Music 606)
[] There is a fountain filled with blood (Franz Abt). Tenor, alto and quartet
[] Though I leave you now in sorrow. Song and chorus
[] When evening shadows fall. Piano
[] When I was all the world to you
[] Estrella. Opera
unfinished by William Vincent Wallace, completed by Bassford 1865

[] Cassilda. Opera in 2 acts
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