Bassman, George Samuel 7.feb.1914-26.jun.1997 USA NY, New York - California, Los Angeles
jewish pianist, raised in Boston Somerville Massachusetts, studied composition and orchestration with Ernst Toch, conducting with Leon Barzin and Hugo Strelitzer, 1931-1934 arranger for dance orchestras in Boston and New York, 1934-1936 for CBS radio in New York, 1936-1948 for MGM studios in Hollywood, 1948-1960 for Broadway productions in New York, 1960 film composer for MGM ; son of painter David Harry Bassman (Lithuania, Vilna 28.oct.1889-) and Fannie Rothman (Ukraine 25.oct.1891-) ; 3.dec.1936 he married Kay, 1950-1968 he was married to Ruth A Searing

Title Parts

[L] I'm getting sentimental over you. Song. 1932
Jessica Williams piano. rec1992

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