Batchelor, Chappell bap.1.jul.1822-11.jan.1884 England Nottinghamshire, Southwell - Derbyshire, Derby
organist, 1830 chorister at Southwell Cathedral, 1835 aged 12 temporary organist (performing impressively) at Southwell Cathedral, 1838 studied with Cipriani Potter, John Goss and Vincent Novello at the Royal Academy of Music, 1841-1857 organist of Southwell Cathedral, 1857 settled as professor of music in Belper, 1870 lived as professor of music and 1880 as retired professor of music at 123 Uttoxeter New Road in Derby ; 28.jun.1852 in Southwell he married Susanna Fletcher (Southwell 24.jun.1831-27.apr.1869 Derby)

Title Parts

[] Hymn tune "Batchelor". Organ
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