Bateman, Robert Bowness 1.jan.1846-29.apr.1918 England Cumberland, Penrith - Surrey, Barnes
organist, 1862 of Penrith Parish Church, 1870 as music teacher/printer/compositor residing with his widowed mother at 91 Strickland Street in Penrith, 1880 professor of music and organist of Aylesbury Parish Church Buckinghamshire, 30.jan.1882-1887 BM from New College Oxford, 1890 organist of Queen's Cross Free Church in Aberdeen Scotland, 1893 teacher piano at a college in Aberdeen, 1898-1906 organist of Penrith Parish Church, 1898 music master of Penrith Grammar School, 1910-1918 as teacher piano and music theory residing at 13 Cambridge Road in Barnes ; son of printer/compositor Thomas Bateman (Westmorland, Appleby 1817-21.feb.1868 Penrith) and Elizabeth Bowerbank (Penrith 1818-a1880) ; 1881 in London Bromley he married Charlotte Letitia Keeble (London Aldgate 1850-1907 Penrith)

Title Parts

[] Kyrie eleison. Mixed choir and organ
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1886

[] Truly God is loving unto Israel. Anthem for solo and chorus
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1886

[] All hail! Adored Trinity. Anthem for Trinity Sunday
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1887

[] Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in C
pub Novello & Co., London 1904

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