Bates, William (pseud: Jack Catch) 1719/1720-bur.9.apr.1790 England, ? - London
singing teacher, c1750-c1785 active in London, 1763 he was tried in court for attempting to sell his pupil Ann Catley for immoral purposes but was not sentenced, 
Ann Catley was tried in court for other cases in which she sold her body just to steal more from her victims

[RISM AII gives c1720-1790 which is enough to identify him further as the William Bates who was buried aged 70 on 9.apr.1790 at St Botolph Bishopsgate London]

Title Parts

[] 6 Sonatas. 2 Violins and bc. c1750 []
[] 6 Concertos. c1765. op2 []
[] The jovial crew or The merry beggars. Comical opera. Covent Garden, London 14feb1760
libretto R. Brome

[] Pharnaces. Opera. Drury Lane, London 15feb1765
libretto Thomas Hull from the italian libretto Farnace by Antonio Maria Lucchini

[] Flora or Hob in the well. Ballad Farce. Drury Lane, London 1768 and Covent Garden 25apr1770
libretto J. Hippisley

[] The Ladies' frolic (arr. of The jovial crew). Drury Lane, London 7may1770
music with Thomas Augustine Arne
libretto J. Love

[] The theatrical candidates. Operetta. Drury Lane, London 23sep1775
libretto D. Garrick

[] Second thought is best. Drury Lane, London 30mar1778
libretto J. Hough

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