Bates, William (pseud: Jack Catch) c1720-c1790 England, ? - ?London
singing teacher, c1750-c1780 active in London

Title Parts

[] 6 Sonatas. 2 Violins and bc. c1750 []
[] 6 Concertos. c1765. op2 []
[] The jovial crew or The merry beggars. Comical opera. Covent Garden, London 14feb1760
libretto R. Brome

[] Pharnaces. Opera. Drury Lane, London 15feb1765
libretto Thomas Hull from the italian libretto Farnace by Antonio Maria Lucchini

[] Flora or Hob in the well. Ballad Farce. Drury Lane, London 1768 and Covent Garden 25apr1770
libretto J. Hippisley

[] The Ladies' frolic (arr. of The jovial crew). Drury Lane, London 7may1770
music with Thomas Augustine Arne, libretto J. Love

[] The theatrical candidates. Operetta. Drury Lane, London 23sep1775
libretto D. Garrick

[] Second thought is best. Drury Lane, London 30mar1778
libretto J. Hough

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