Bathory Kitsz, Dennis 14.mar.1949- USA New Jersey, Plainfield
electronics, instrument designer, studied at Rutgers University New Brunswick, professor of theory and composition at Johnson State College in Vermont, 1978 residing in Northfield Vermont ; adoptive son of Zoltan Bathory

Dennis Kitsz, Dennis J Kitsz: early musical compositions
Grey Shade: extended vocal performances
Orra Maussade: compositions with female persona
Kalvos Zondrios: theatrical works
Kalvos Gesamte: humorous music
Brady Kynans: popular and show music, arr of popular music

Title Parts

[] Plasm over ocean. Chamber opera. World Trade Center, New York 1977
with HHarp, Uncello, Brass Chimes, Glass Chimes, Gong

[] Detritus of mating. Electroacoustic. 1997
[] Zonule glaes II. String quartet and electronic playback. 1999
[] Icecut. Techno-overture. 2004
Vermont Symphony Orchestra

[] Erzsebet (the blood countess). Monodrama. Soprano and 8 instruments. Hyde Park Opera House 29oct2011
libretto Dennis Bathory Kitsz

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