Batorin, Pyotr Ivanovich 18??-24.mar.1923 Russia, ? - Turkey, Constantinople (Istanbul)
singer and songwriter of popular songs

Title Parts

[] Akh, zachem ty menja celovala (Oh, why did you kiss me). Song. 1914
[] U kamina (By the fireplace). Song. 1914
this famous song is also attributed to pianist Yakov Fedorovich Prigogine (1840-1920)

[] Forget about the fireplace, it lights went out
(response to the song "By the fireplace")
words and music Pyotr Batorin

[] Nasmeshka svetilas v glazah. Song
[] Now Lord challenged us. Song. c1918
[] It was under Warsaw. Song. c1918
[] Oh, why this night. Song
[] Fell in love with my neighbor's wife. Song
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