Battanchon, Felix 9.apr.1814-2.jul.1893 France, Paris - Paris 1e
cellist, studied cello with Olive Charlier Vaslin and Louis Norblin at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1840 cellist at the Paris Opera, 1843 since the creation member of baron Taylor's Societe des Artistes musiciens in Paris, 1846 he invented and vainly tried to popularize a small style of cello called 'baryton', 1846-1847 he had considerable success playing his baryton in Paris, 1850 active in Gent Belgium, 1868 professor of cello at the Conservatoire de Geneve Switzerland, he died while lodging at Rue des Bons Enfants 5 in Paris while residing with his family at Rue Herold in Nice ; son of doctor of medicine Pierre Francois Battanchon (Libourne 26.apr.1786-21.apr.1860 Paris) and Marie Rose Nouvion (Sablonnieres 1787-28.mar.1844 Paris) ; 24.jan.1842 in Paris he married pianist/professor of music Marie Caroline Josephine Henot (Paris 1822-3.oct.1865 Nice) ; 7 children: son Joseph Felix (Paris 14.jul.1844-), son professor of agriculture Felix Gaston (Geneve 1.feb.1852-), son professor of music/author Francois Felix (Geneve 5.aug.1856-), son professor horlogerie Gabriel Felix (Geneve 9.apr.1860-) ; 6.oct.1866 in Geneve he married Marie Claudine Gabrielle Dalmas (Ennezat 30.aug.1831-1.oct.1921 Nice) ; 3 children: son Charles Felix (Geneve 20.sep.1867-)

Title Parts

[] Trois etudes en double corde pour violoncelle. op1
pub Richault, Paris 1844

[] Airs bretons pour violoncelle et piano. op2
pub Richault, Paris

[] Deux melodies pour violoncelle et piano. op3
pub Friedrich Hofmeister, Leipzig 1844

[] 24 Etudes pour violoncelle adoptees pour l'enseignement du Conservatoire de Paris. op4
pub Friedrich Hofmeister, Leipzig 1849

[] String quartet in D. 1858. op12
[] 6 Duettinos faciles et progressifs. 2 Cellos. 1860. op18 [] 1 - in G
[] 2 - in F
[] 3 - in a
[] 4 - in G
[] 5 - in B
[] 6 - in d
[] Cello concerto in e. 1860. op20
[] Spanish serenade. Violin and cello. 1880. op43 [] 1 - Moderato
[] 2 - Allegro giusto
[] 3 - Andante
[] 4 - Bolero
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