Batten, reverend John Henry 25.dec.1870-10.may.1948 England Kent, Broadstairs - Nottingham
organist, choirmaster, 5.feb.1871 baptized in Broadstairs where his family resided at 5 Thanet Road, 1892 organist of St Maurice Church and Trinity College in Winchester Hampshire, 1895-1908 organist/choirmaster of Broadstairs Parish Church, 1901 BM and 1906 BA from Durham University, 1904-1906 studied organ at Hatfield Hall in Durham, 1906 ordained priest, 1909 curate of Holy Trinity Church in Dover, 1910 residing with wife, daughter and servant at 12 Limekiln Street in Dover, rector of Carlton Scroop Lincolnshire, 1948 residing at 115 Noel Street in Nottingham ; son of naval coast guard pensioner William Batten (Cornwall, Saltash 1827-1916 Broadstairs) and Mary Hosring (Cornwall, St Stevens 1826-1908 Broadstairs) ; 1908 in Hastings Sussex he married Maude Evelyn Davis (London Peckham 16.jun.1876-31.dec.1952 Nottingham) ; daughter Mary Frances Elizabeth Batten Topps (Dover 1909-), daughter Dorothea Ethel Maude Batten Drury (Durham 1915-)

Title Parts

[] Fugue in G. Organ. c1902
[] Incarnatus est. Cantata for Annunciation and Christmastide
pub Weekes & Co., London 1911

[] Love triumphant. Cantata
pub A. Weekes & Co., London 13may1929

[] The Bowmen of England. 1937
music J. Batten, words A. L. Rye

[] Song for Victory. Male voices
music J. Batten, words A. L. Rye
pub Boosey & Co., London 1944

[] Communion
[] Morning and Evening Service
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