Ginsberg, Naomi 'Nomi' Batya (fem) 21.apr.1961- USA NY, New York Bronx
songwriter, producer, 1968 grew up in California, Mendocino and Albion ; daughter of pianist/composer Nicole Milner ; 15.oct.1982 she married Harbans S Deol

Title Parts

[] King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Hymn. 1974
words Naomi B. Ginsberg and Sophie Conty (b.15dec1960)
pub Maranatha Praise Inc. 1979
in the Baptist Hymnal 1986

[] The Mycologist. Musical. 1976
[] Somewhere in between. Musical. 1982
[] 2 Nomi is 2 love me. 12-Song CD. 2005
ASCAP Popular Music Award

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