Bauer, Walter Kaye 21.may.1899-18.jan.1997 USA Connecticut, Hartford - New Jersey, Piscataway
banjoist, mandolinist, guitarist, arranger, 1911-1925 studied mandolin with Annie K Pfund, Zarh M Bickford and Samuel Siegal, 1917 banjo with Annie K Pfund and 1922 with Frederick J Bacon, 1917-1925 guitar with Annie K Pfund and William Foden, viola with Herman Beacheman, piano with Lesser, 1921-1928 theory and harmony with Robert H Prutting, 1923-1995 teacher fretted instruments at his private studios in Hartford, 1950 at 926 Main Street while residing at 20 Rodney Street, 1929-1933 editor for Crescendo magazine, 1936 commandant of the Connecticut Nautical Cadets, 1952-1995 formed and directed the 70 member Bauer Banjo Band, member of the American Banjo Fraternity, president of the Fretted Instrument Guild of America and the Classical Mandolin Society of America ; son of hotel cook John Mathew Bauer (Germany mar.1862-) and Margeretta Yorgensen (Germany apr.1869-) ; 7.sep.1929 he married musician Helen Stanton Seely (New York 18.nov.1904-5.jul.1992 Hartford) ; daughters Beverly (1932-) and Linda (1939-) were both accomplished players of fretted instruments

Title Parts

[] Chatterbox. 1926
[] Granada. 1926
[] Chiquita. 1926
[] 10 Original compositions for plectrum guitar. 1928
[] Criterion folio. 10 Guitar solos. 1932
[] Alla El en Rancho Grande
arr for military band by Walter K. Bauer 1932

[] Mama Inez
arr for plectrum guitar by Walter K. Bauer 1933

[] Play fiddle play
arr for plectrum guitar by Walter K. Bauer 1933

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