Bauldeweyn (Bauldewyn) (Balduin) (Baulduin) (Bauldoin) (Baudoin), Noel (Natalis) c1480-f1513 Flanders, ?Antwerpen - ?
choirmaster, 1509-1513 of Sint Rombout cathedral in Mechelen, the Bauldeweyn 1513-1530 in the registers of Onze Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap in Antwerpen has been proven to be another person, the wide distribution of his music throughout Europe and the stylistic evolution suggests he may have been active as composer for decades after 1513

Title Parts

Ave caro Christi cara. Motet 4vv
also attributed to Josquin Desprez
Binchois Consort / Andrew Kirckman

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