Baumann, Sebaldus c1515-a1588 Germany, Nuremberg - ?Dresden
choirmaster, cantor, 1537 studied in Wittenberg, 1540 on the recommendation of Philipp Melanchton he was appointed cantor of the Kreuzkirche in Dresden which included the Sophienkirche and Frauenkirche and a teacher collegium at the Kreuzschule, 1553 his appointment was terminated because of neglect of his duties and because he had been sentenced for a financial debt, then became tenor of the Kurfurstliche Kapelle in Dresden, 1557-1588 he was host/owner of the tavern/hostel 'Zum Guldenen Lowen' in Dresden

Title Parts

[] Magnificat
[] Masses and Motets
mss once in the Kreuzkirche Dresden [Eitner]

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