Baumer, Henry 13.jun.1835-29.jul.1888 England, London St Johns Wood - Hertfordshire, Watford
organist, professor of music, 10.jul.1835 baptized at Christ Church Marylebone while residing at Wellington Place, organist of Dulwich College in London, headmaster of the Watford School of Music retired in 1886 ; son of clerk Sun fire office Christopher Henry Baumer (Kent, Deptford 1806-17.may.1898 Bournemouth) and Mary Ann Elizabeth West (London St Martins 1811-1886 London Staines)

Title Parts

[] Voice of the nightingale. Song for voice and pianoforte. London 1859
[] Under the maple tree. Four-part song
words I. G. Ascher
pub Edwin Ashdown, London 1871

[] Katie "They say that war is raging". Song. London 1872
words I. C. Ascher

[] The chimes of Oberwesel. Part-song
the words by A. B. Picken
pub J. B. Cramer & Co., London 1873 & 1897

[] The triumph of labour. Masque cantata. London 1875
words J. Watkins 

[] Lord, how are they increased. Anthem. 1876
[] Ave Maria. Solo and chorus. With accompaniment for violin or viola, also for harmonium and harp ad libitum. London 1877
being a transcription from Schubert's Impromptu in G

[] O come let us sing. Anthem
pub Weekes & Co., London 1882

[] String quartet
[] Three sketches for pianoforte
[] If ye love me. Anthem
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