Baychekuyev, Abdin Mutayevich 1.jan.1940-19.feb.1986 Russia Crimea Balkar, Kendelen - Kendelen
accordionist, harmonica player, baritone singer, 1944 in the genocide of the Balkar people his family was deported to Kyrgyzstan, 1957 returned to Kendelen, 1960 studied acting at the Balkarian Theatre School in Moscow and was actor at the Balkar Drama Theatre, then studied composition with Fikret Amirov at Baku Conservatory in Azerbaijan, after completion of his musical study he started collecting and writing down the melodies of folksongs of Balkar and Karachai villages, 1972 he published his first collection of songs and 1980 a second, 1977 worked for the Ministry of Culture and was director of the Republican Choral Society in Kendelen

[his birth is also given as 1937]

Title Parts

[] You, my beauty. Song
words Ivan Botasheva
one of his first compositions and his most famous

[] Oh you know how I love. Song
[] Waltz of the Moscow students. Song
[] New dream. Song
[] Song of the young shepherd. Song
[] In my native land. Symphonic poem
[] Overture Kabardino-Balkaria
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