Bayes, Nora (nee Goldberg, Doris 'Dora' Leonora) (fem) 3.oct.1880-17.mar.1928 USA Illinois, Joliet - NY, New York Brooklyn
contralto singer, lyricist, died during cancer surgery ; daughter of Elias Goldberg and Rachel Miller ; 23.feb.1899 in Kenosha Wisconsin she married Otto Anselm Gressing (Milwaukee 24.aug.1872-2.dec.1959 RI) ; 1908 she married lyricist/composer John Godfrey Knauff 'Jack Norworth' (Philadelphia 5.jan.1879-1.sep.1959 Laguna Beach), divorced 1913 ; 1913 in New York she married Harry Prince Clarke (Galveston 31.aug.1889-18.jun.1978 Santa Monica) ; 24.feb.1920 in Springfield she married Arthur Gordoni (New York 17.mar.1893-10.aug.1966 Beverly Hills)

Title Parts

[] Ladies first. Musical show. New York 1918 [] - Without you. words Bayes and Fischer
[] - Prohibition blues. words Sloane and Smith
[] - Just like a gypsy. words Simons and Bayes
Nora Bayes, original Broadway cast. rec1918. Pearl 9059
[] Shine on harvest moon. Song. 1908
lyrics Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth
music Edward Madden and Gus Edwards
some sources give: words and music Bayes and Norworth

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