Bayley, Daniel 'the elder' 27.jun.1729-29.feb.1792 USA Massachusetts, Rowley - Newburyport
potter, tunebook compiler, publisher, chorister and clerk of St Paul's Episcopal Church in Newburyport, 1764-1785 his house was 'next door to St Paul's Church' ; son of Joseph Bailey (Rowley 17.oct.1701-1761) and Sarah Jewett ; 21.apr.1750 in Gloucester he married Elizabeth Denning (Massachusetts, Gloucester 17??-jun.1765 Newburyport) ; father of Daniel jr.

Title Parts

[] A new and compleat introduction to the grounds and rules of musick. In two books
Book I. Containing the grounds and rules of musick, or an introduction to the art of singing by note, taken from Thomas Walter M.A.
Book II. Containing a new and correct introduction to the grounds of musick, rudimental and practical, from William Tans'ur's Royal Melody. The whole being a collection of a variety of the choicest tunes from the most approved masters. Daniel Bayley, chorister of St Paul's Church Newbury-Port
Printed for and sold by Bulkeley Emerson, Market square, Newbury-Port 1764
Printed for and sold by Daniel Bayley of Newbury-Port 1764
Printed for and sold by Daniel Bayley of Newbury-Port 1765
Engraved, printed and sold by Thomas Johnston in Brattle-Street Boston 1766
Printed for and sold by the author, at his house next door to St Paul's Church Newbury-Port 1768

[] The Essex Harmony, containing a new and concise introduction to musick to which is added a choice and valuable collection of psalm tunes suited to the different measures of either version, composed in three and four parts, carefully set in score by Daniel Bailey Philo Musico
Printed and sold by the author. Sold also by most book sellers in Boston. Newbury Port 1770

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