Bayley, John Clowes 17.apr.1834-10.oct.1909 England, Manchester - London Highgate
engineer, amateur musician, 1.jun.1834 baptized at Jerusalem Temple (New Jerusalemite) in Manchester Salford, after his marriage 1855 he settled in Accrington Lancashire, 1858 in London Islington, 1890 in Brighton Hove, 1911 he had retired to Hove and later moved to Morven on 6 North Hill in Highgate, most of his 9 daughters remained single and lived with him all his life, in addition there were always 2 domestic servants: a cook and a housemaid ; son of schoolmaster/minister of New Jerusalem Church in London Kings Cross Jonathan Bayley (Salford 22.jul.1810-12.may.1886 London Kensington) and Lydia Cheek Hodson (Manchester 1805-20.may.1880 London Kensington) ; 1855 at New Jerusalem Church in Birmingham he married Caroline Bragg (Birmingham 20.nov.1834-1919 Tamworth near Birmingham) ; they had 9 daughters and 2 sons

Title Parts

[] One by one. Song. 1876
words J. Hyde

[] My friend and I. Song. 1877
[] Hymn tunes
pub Colville Co., London 1891

[] When evening casts her shadows round. Male alto and male choir
words and music Clowes Bayley
pub Novello & Co., London 1893

[] Come unto me. Sacred song, with harmonium or organ obbligato
pub Chappell & Co., London 1895

[] Allegretto pastorale. Organ
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London & New York 1898

[] Glory to God in the highest. Anthem. Soprano, choir and organ
published in The Musical Times No.765
pub Novello & Co., London 1906

[] Balmy sweetness. Glee for four voices. 1906
the words by E. Moore

[] Spring's welcome. Four-part song
words and music Clowes Bayley
published in The Musical Times No.793
pub Novello & Co., London 1909

[] Bless thou the Lord. Anthem. Soprano or tenor, quintet and chorus
pub Novello & Co., London

[] Be thou exalted. Soprano and chorus
[] Bless thou the Lord. Soprano, quintet and chorus
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