Baylis, Lilian Mary (fem) 9.may.1874-25.nov.1937 England, London Islington - London Stockwell
violinist, pianist, harpist, guitarist, singer, dancer, theatre manager, studied violin and music with John Tiplady Carrodus in London, 1881 aged 7 appeared in public for the first time, 1890 she moved with her family to South Africa where the family toured the main cities as the Kons-Baylis Variety Troupe, Lilian sang and played mandolin and zither, 1893 the family settled in Johannesburg as teachers guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, cello and singing, with such success that they founded the Rand Academy of Music, by 1898 Lilian had already been in England for a year, 1898 she became assistant manager and 1912 manager of the Royal Victoria Hall (Old Vic Theatre) in London, she managed it succesfully through the meagre WWI years and made it one of the most important theatres of the city, 1920 she also acquired the Sadler's Wells Theatre which she had rebuilt during the financial depression, she directed both theatres until her death ; daugther of baritone Newton Baylis and contralto/pianist/guitarist Elizabeth Kons ; sister of cellist/conductor Willy and singer Ethel

Title Parts

[] Caprice. Piano
[] Lyddon. Piano
[] Goodnight. Song
[] Was that somebody you. Song
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