Baylor, Eugene Wythe 27.mar.1834-8.jan.1918 USA Oklahoma Indian Territory, Fort Gibson - Virginia, Winchester
1840 the family owned 11 slaves and resided in Vaughn Arkansas, 1850-1853 studied with Albert Bledsoe at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, 1854-1862 residing in New Orleans, 20.jun.1857 he was passenger on the Vanderbilt steamer in Galveston Texas, 9.apr.1858 attended a costumed ball dedicated to Mrs. Senator Gwin in Washington (all people of note were there, including Abraham Lincoln), 1861 lieutenant of the Louisiana 1st Regiment Heavy Artillery, 1865 major of the Confederate States Quartermasters Infantry Regiment at Durham North Carolina, 1872 editor for the Dallas News published by his brother-in-law John George Walker, 1880 as journalist and contributor to the Washington Post residing with his mother at the home of his sister Sophie Mary and her husband general John George Walker in Stonewall and 1900-1910 in Winchester Virginia ; son of captain James Lowes Dawson (Baltimore 3.sep.1799-13.jan.1879 Maryland, Westminster) and Sophie Elizabeth Baylor (Kentucky, Paris 1.oct.1807-14.nov.1903 Winchester) who married 17.mar.1829 in Fort Gibson, 8.jul.1844 James murdered Seaborn Hill Esq. in a fight and fled to Texas, the family followed him and lived at La Grange, 24.nov.1852 James was arrested, 1853 Sophie divorced him and renounced the name Dawson ; his sister is the novelist Frances Courtenay Baylor (Fort Gibson 20.jan.1844-15.oct.1920 Winchester) ; he was never married

Title Parts

[] Lurline polka mazurka. Piano
pub Peters, Webb & Co., Louisville Kentucky 1852

[] Strakosch. Polka. Piano
pub Peters, Webb & Co., Louisville Kentucky 1852

[] Little sis. Polka. Piano
pub William Hall & Son, New York 1853

[] Orange flower waltz. Piano
pub Peters, Webb & Co., Louisville Kentucky 1853

[] Pense d'amour. Valse brillante. Piano
pub Peters, Webb & Co., Louisville Kentucky 1853

[] The Shirley waltzes. Piano
pub Peters, Webb & Co., Louisville Kentucky 1853

[] Margrave galop. Piano. Richmond 1864
composed by Eugene W. Baylor, transposed and arranged by Theodore von La Hache
pub Louis Grunewald, New Orleans 1866

[] Haunting eyes galop. Piano
pub A. E. Blackmar, New Orleans 1868

[] 6 Chansons Creoles, souvenirs de la Louisiane. Piano. op4
pub D. P. Faulds, Louisville Kentucky 1869
[] 1 - The sigh
[] 2 - To thee my love
[] 3 - In the hammock (Dans le hamoc)
[] 5 - Chanson de batelier. op4/5
[] Lorelei valses. Piano
composed by Eugene Baylor, arr William T. Francis (organist in New Orleans)
dedication Mrs. Charles M. Whitney, New Orleans
pub Junius Hart, New Orleans 1886
[] 1 - A maiden wondrous fair
[] 2 - A song of strange sweet sadness
[] The supreme moment of the ball. Waltz. Piano
dedication Miss Mary Ella Horsey
pub Philip Werlein, New Orleans 1886

[] Fortunes of Fifi. Gavotte. Piano
arr for band Sousa Archives for Band Research, Sousa Preservation Project 1892-1899

[] Augustus Caesar
arr for wind band by J. B. Kindig 1908

[] Nettchen. Waltz. Piano
[] La graziosa. Valse. Piano
pub Dale, Forty & Co., Cheltenham and J. B. Cramer & Co., London

[] Petruchio tamed. Comedy in 4 acts with Lullaby
libretto Frances Courtenay Baylor
copyright Frances Courtenay Baylor Barnum, Winchester Virginia 28feb1912

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