Beach, Bennie Proctor 10.jul.1925-13.oct.2016 USA Mississippi, Ethel - Kentucky, Bowling Green
trumpeter, grew up in Merigold Mississippi, 1942-1948 BS from Delta State University in Cleveland Mississippi, 1951-1952 MA and MEd. from George Peabody College of Education in Nashville Tennessee, trumpeter in the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, 1953-1981 professor at Western Kentucky State College, 1976 residing at 1670 Normal Drive in Bowling Green Kentucky, 1992-2000 residing at 3900 and 97 Allen Loop Drive Santa Rosa Beach Florida ; son of barber Marshall Beach (Mississippi, Liberty Chapel 10.apr.1900-13.oct.1978 Cleveland) and Blanche (name of 1st marriage Seawright) (Mississippi 5.sep.1901-23.feb.1992 Bowling Green) ; 18.jun.1944 in Sioux Falls South Dakota he married Pearl Elizabeth Hitch (Mississippi, Leland 1923-31.mar.2014 Bowling Green)

Title Parts

[] Music for brass quintet. Horn, 2 trumpets, trombone and tuba. 1970
Montanus Blaserquintet. Mitra 16271

[] Lamento. Tuba
[] Divertissement. Tuba
[] Fanfare and chorale. Brass choir
[] Soliloquy. Chamber orchestra
[] Suite. Trombone or baritone
[] Peace. Song. Soprano
words Teasdale

[] Petite suite. Wind band. 1976
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